Caroline returns from Chicago, pt. 2

“So Chicago, huh?” he murmured. “Yes,” she breathed. “I’m never going back.” Her voice cracked as sudden, uncontrollable tears rose in her eyes. “…ever again!” Caroline started to sob. Frank had to relieve her hand of the coffee cup before she spilled. “I want to be at peace with Margot and she keeps…” Caroline paused … Continue reading Caroline returns from Chicago, pt. 2

1618: ix

“Your Excellency,” Gilles said as he kneeled in front of the Bishop’s desk. “I hope you have good news if you’re disturbing me at this hour,” the Bishop said as he continued writing. “The Greek has completed the craft,” Gilles reported. “It flies.” The Bishop’s pencil paused. “That is good news and the others?” Gilles … Continue reading 1618: ix