1619: The Escape: xv

“My God, Gilles! I could barely keep myself from bolting to the fireside!” Jacques exclaimed as they walked along the corridor. “You controlled yourself well. I don’t think Madame M will soon forget Monsieur de la Houdinière. You even extended her favor by agreeing to deliver her message to de Luynes,” Gilles smirked. “Yes, I … Continue reading 1619: The Escape: xv


1619: The Escape: xiv

“We leave for Angoulême in the morning. I hope you will be accompanying us for the remainder of our journey,” Medici said. “I will, Your Majesty, but Monsieur de la Houdinière must return to Paris.” Gilles gestured to his still silent, moody friend. “Paris, Monsieur de la Houdinière? Perhaps you could carry a letter for … Continue reading 1619: The Escape: xiv