Valuable Lessons Learned From Dad


Dads are known for their great advice. These are a few things I’ve learned along the way, whether he was intentionally teaching me or not.

  • Black Walnuts are very slow growing trees, especially when you run them over with the riding lawn mower.
  • Don’t pull anyone’s finger…EVER.
  • Keep an extra smile in your pocket.
  • No back talk.
  • You can find everything you need at Fleet Farm. If it isn’t there, you don’t need it.
  • Be willing to be goofy to help cheer your kids up.
  • You better eat what’s put on the dinner table AND you better like it.
  • How to steer from the passenger seat
  • AND how to drive in a cornfield.
  • If you’re told to use two feet to control gas and brakes while driving…that really means only push one pedal down at a time. Not BOTH pedals at the same time.
  • Appreciate whatever chore you get assigned. There is always something worse…like shoveling dog poop.
  • Always try your hardest. If you give up, you’re disappointing yourself.
  • Prepare to be embarrassed when boys call the house.
  • Keep your eyes on the road while driving, but if you do run someone off the road make sure it is your dad and not someone else.
  • If you do run your dad off the road….DON’T stop…just keep driving and hide out for a while.
  • You need to do what needs getting done yourself. No one will volunteer to help you.
  • How to bait a fish hook
  • Lock your knees when standing on the end of a makeshift teeter totter. That’s how you get maximum air when Dad jumps on the other end.
  • Keep your head up.  If you keep watching your feet you will stumble.
  • How to be silly.
  • Rolling through a fire fast A) doesn’t put out the fire B) doesn’t start your clothes on fire
  • It’s important to know when to control your anger and when to let go. Fishing poles are replaceable, some things are not.
  • How to trim and clean fingernails.
  • Mud races in the wilderness are fun, but for the love of God don’t use all the toilet paper to clean your feet.
  • How to start a bonfire.
  • How to put out a fire you unintentionally started.
  • It’s not your name that makes you, but who you are that makes that special person.
  • Always stop to listen to the frogs at night…


**Special Thanks to Paula Young for her contributions to the list.









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