Dream Diary: Autumn and the Eiffel tower

I was traveling. It was autumn. The sky was gray. Dull brown leaves crunched beneath my feet. I came across a sculpture in the woods of two Eiffel towers, one was perhaps seven feet tall and the other was more like twenty-five feet tall. Around them was a miniature rollercoaster and figures enjoying the carnival. … Continue reading Dream Diary: Autumn and the Eiffel tower


Spring Break #3

Andie quietly poked her head into the room. The shades were up and Bob stared out the window. He looked over when the door creaked. “Hey, sweetheart,” his throat rasped. “Hi Bob.” He patted the side of the bed as she came over. “How’s it going?” she asked. “I’ve been better,” Bob replied, “You should … Continue reading Spring Break #3

Retail Rant

***Disclaimer: I wrote this piece several years ago during a difficult period. It is a bit scathing, but I decided to include it anyway as a representation of just how soul crushing retail work can be***   Writing was easier when you believed someone would read it. Even if it was only your teacher. Now … Continue reading Retail Rant