Dream Diary #1

**Disclaimer** These are dreams. I have no control over them and I try to explain them as best as possible, but they  are dreams. They don’t make very much sense.

Dream #1 This dream centers around a very intimidating man. I suppose he was good looking, I can’t quite remember, it was more of an aura. I do remember that I was his assistant in some lawless place. For some reason, I think of Devil’s Acre, but I can’t really say that the dream took place during Victorian times. I think my mind is using the atmosphere because I read the last Peculiar children novel a few months ago. I think our clothing was more timeless or basic. He was in a suit and we talked to other men in suits and trench coats. I can’t remember what I was wearing. I think I was intrigued by the idea of Devil’s Acre being a labyrinth of rundown slums. That’s what some of my dreams feel like since I’m going through all these worlds and would have no idea how to retrace my steps back to where I wanted to go.

Back to the story, I was his assistant and completely starry-eyed gaga for him. I suppose that made me a very dedicated secretary. I don’t know if he noticed. He warned me to be careful and not say anything unless directly asked as he talked to several dangerous people. Of course, these strangers would say highly inappropriate things about me as if I wasn’t standing right there. I only remember being slightly scared, slightly awestruck, but not exactly what was said.

Moving onto Dream #2. In this one the same man from the first dream was very specifically a Hannibal Lecter type. I was dressed in a very nice quality gray sheath dress and black platform pumps. I was in a house. I think it was in the country. It changed as the dream went along. I guess we were ‘married’ and I had some sort of amnesia. So I didn’t really remember anything except what he told me. I needed to get my lipstick case out of my car. There were several cars outside. I guess earlier he had given me something in a similar case like the lipstick. Now he was asking me where it was. So I had to retrieve it from the car. He had given it to me for safe keeping, but I didn’t really understand what it was. It was raining pretty steadily, but it wasn’t dark. I walked around the cars and there was one car full of young people. Miscreants. I ignored them. One of them was that one actor. I believe he was in Twister, but he’s skinny with big teeth. I leaned into my car and picked it up from the center console along with my lipstick case. The skinny guy came up from behind , grabbed me and shoved a gun into my neck. “Where is it?” he said. He wanted whatever was in the case.  I said the thing he wanted was in the house so he pushed me towards the house.

In the garage, I somehow gave him the lipstick case and he thought he had the thing. He let go of me.  Hannibal came around the corner and planted some sort of hammer in the guy’s skull. I kicked the gun away after he crumpled to the ground. I say “I think he wanted this.” I open the other case and it contains a key like the safety deposit key in the Da Vinci Code. Hannibal said, “Yes, I need you to keep it safe” I said I didn’t want it and I told him about the car of kids outside. That they would come looking for their friend. Of course, he’s wearing a very nice suit and it had blood on it. He is completely calm as he pats me on the head, tells me to go take a bath, relax and go to bed. He’ll take care of everything. (OMG! MY DREAM COME TRUE! OH WAIT…THIS IS A DREAM) I am not very worried that he just killed a guy and will go kill several more people. I trot off to do as I’m told and take a bath.

TIME WARP (When your dream skips to another time without explanation of what occurred between A and B.)

Sometime while I was in the bath, he put the key on a chain and left it on the night stand. Then I woke up for real and laid awake for a while.22174_312269181943_3138132_n

I finally fell back asleep and had a part two to the previous dream. Except now we were in a different house and I guess we were keeping the homeowners hostage. He had an acquaintance over for dinner. I am completely obedient, because I don’t want to get killed.  I had to be an extremely polite hostess, but I kept slipping up during dinner, because these memories kept popping into my head like “Gee, that doesn’t sound like my name…” or “I always wanted to join the FBI, but here I am…” Things that really don’t fit into our cover story. I finally excuse myself after serving coffee. I look out the window and Ann is coming up the sidewalk. I invite her into the kitchen, but say that she has already missed dinner. She requests to order Chinese food from a place she passed on her walk, but I could not find the menu in all the clutter in the kitchen.

TIME WARP!  I went downstairs where our bedroom was. He was in there and I came in as if I had been running late home from work. I apologized profusely. Then the lady who owned the house who was hostage started to try to break down the door. Then she said she called the police. And I started freaking out that we had to escape and he just really didn’t care. I looked out the window (some purple tour bus was escaping…I don’t know…I’m not in control of this stuff) and the police came up sirens blaring. Then my alarm was going off. That is it. I have not dreamed a part three (or is it four?) to this sequence.



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