Free like a bird

I just came back from vacation **sigh** and within fifteen minutes of making it home, life returned to the normal drudgery. Doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, stowing things back where they belong. Thankfully, I suppose, I won’t return to actually work until Monday.

I’m the type of person that goes on vacation and thinks I could live here. It was only a few days in Duluth, but I’m already thinking I would like to stay for about a year or two and see the seasons change. Make some friends, try some unusual jobs, break some hearts, then move along to my next destination.

It’s even frustrating. As a Gemini, one side of myself craves surprises and spontaneity.  While the other likes stability and routine. Can I ever be happy with my current situation? Right now, I have a decent job and I like my house. I don’t want to have to give them up to go on adventures. Then again, perhaps I could just take a lot of sabbaticals. Like…a LOT.

A friend is secretly planning on cashing out and living abroad for as long as she can. I am envious of that courage, because that sounds like a great adventure. High risk, yes. Best financial plan, probably not, but the life experience and the stories will be priceless. I would like to be brave enough to embark freely, but I seem forever in the yoke of responsibility. I fear failure and coming back home with my tail between my legs.


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