Book Review: The Queen’s Accomplice

Maggie Hope returns in top form for Susan Elia MacNeal’s The Queen’s Accomplice and she’s more confident than ever. The sixth book of the Maggie Hope series is set to hit shelves on October 4th. Since Mr. Churchill’s Secretary, we stuck by Maggie’s side as she struggled to find her place in wartime London, signed on with MI-5 and found herself deep in enemy territory. Hope’s post-Berlin depression left us wondering if she would ever get her happy ending, but a quick jaunt across the ocean gave her the fresh breath of air and perspective she needed. She gradually came to terms with her mother’s identity, the discovery of a half-sister and the deception of her father. She realizes her true family is her faithful and considerate circle of friends.51rjo0o6xfl

MacNeal’s research shines a light on what life in wartime London was like. It was enlightening to learn the real disparity between men and women in the Armed forces. You become incensed right alongside Maggie and ready to demand fair compensation and protection for female agents. Many of the struggles in the book echo true today. Women still need equal pay and young girls even now are taught that being pretty is more important than being smart. Without a doubt, we need more Maggie Hopes in the world.

By book six of the series, Maggie Hope has reached her apex. She is a solid, confident woman, who is no longer afraid to speak up about the inequality and misogyny that abounds. She gets reassigned from the drudgery of tea making and telephone answering to a new opportunity to prove her analytical skills in the pursuit of the Blackout Beast, a roaming murderer whose heinous acts against women imitate Jack the Ripper. The London black outs give him the perfect cover to carry out his evil work. Meanwhile, Hope meticulously puts together the clues even though her own life might be in danger. Maggie has conquered her fear and takes the wheel with both hands to get results. There’s a war on, you know. As always along the way, men find her magnetic and are put in their place when they discover she’s more than a pretty face.

The Queen’s Accomplice keeps up a quick pace through out the story and I wasn’t able to put it down. My only objection is that it picks up so much speed by the time a royal favor is given that it launches you into the next book…and the long wait for #7 to hit the shelves.

Ways to get your Maggie Hope fix until October 4th:

  • Read books 1-5 again
  • Force your sister or best friend to read books 1-5 so you can talk about them
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Break out some logic problems, cryptograms and crosswords and hone your skills
  • Stop by and sample work from MacNeal’s contemporaries
  • Gift a copy of Churchill’s Secretary to a young woman you know
  • Plan a victory garden
  • If you haven’t already, follow Susan Elia MacNeal on social media
  • Check out your local library for nonfiction books on World War II
  • Plan your own book release party with your Hope fan friends




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