Night work: Day 3

It is officially DAY 3 of working on the night shift. On first impression, the transition was easy. Staying awake was not an issue, even with the constant hum of machinery to lull one to sleep. I didn’t break out the laptop until DAY 2 and I managed to get a little editing done on the Bastion manuscript. However, my self-discipline outside of work dropped completely and my schedule is all out of whack. Instead, of rising early, going to spin class, stopping at the coffee shop to post on the blog and spending my remaining time typing or brainstorming, I did what? Um…I slept and sort of ate too much. I have no idea when I should be eating now or what.  The first two days I ate at least six meals a day. Oops!

After my second day, I got off at 6am, started the crockpot, had a shower and went to sleep until 1ish. Got up, did some grocery shopping, finished dinner and couldn’t keep my eyes open after 8pm. Watching the season premiere of SVU was extremely challenging between the storm knocking out the antenna and trying to not blink for longer than necessary. I thought I would have more trouble sleeping at night than this!

Now I begin a three-day work stint and I pledge to be more ambitious with the writing at night. If I get hungry I have snacks portioned out, plenty of water and coffee. Put down the soda and high octane caffeinated drinks! It’s not helping! What would your doctor say!

This morning I was determined to tire myself out, take a nap and then wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work. That was the plan anyway. Alas, biking from the Northside to Uptown for a dentist appointment and back again only put more gas in my tank. Not to mention, I was probably sweatier than is allowed for a routine dental cleaning. The hygienist was polite enough not to mention it and I was grateful to leave cavity free. I biked home, took a hot shower and tried to relax, but succeeded in only tossing and turning.

Now here I am at 8:30pm. My first walkthrough is complete and first driver is sent off wherever it is he goes. Only 9 ½ hours left. Yep…9 ½ hours to go…watching machinery hum steadily along. Long periods of silence, just humming….

And hummmmmmiiiinnnnngggg….




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