Bridget Jones’s Baby: review

Bridget Jones’s Baby was almost everything I could hope for. The story adapted itself well to current pop culture and made itself relevant after a 12-year hiatus. Once again, the Bridget saga refuses to follow the storybook ending. Bridget has always landed her man and yet by the next installment finds herself on her own again. Being a self-reliant spinster is her norm.

I was wary at first of the Bridget Jones’s Baby part. I am not a mother type. I seem to have been born without that function, unless said baby has four legs, copious hair and a wet nose. So I was reluctant to see Bridget go down the path of motherhood, because that is not the endgame for every woman. It would have been easy (and very disappointing) for them to put together a slapdash Jones movie, where she simply gets herself into funny situations, complains about being fat and terrible at speaking in public, but this isn’t that movie.

bridget_joness_baby_posterInstead we meet a new Bridget, an older and wiser one, that is comfortable in her own skin. The first intro sequence had me hooked. We enter on Bridget celebrating her birthday alone. All by Myself is playing in the background. Bridget studies her single cupcake with a crooked candle, imperfect just like our Bridget. It is only when she switches the music to House of Pain’s Jump Around do we realize, she is completely at peace with being on her own as she dances carefree around her apartment with her wine glass. Love it. Thank you, Renée Zellweger for reenacting my rare nights home alone.

The writing is great and the jokes are well placed as we follow Bridget’s indecision progress on figuring out who the father is and then trying to juggle two relationships until the baby’s delivery. My only disappointment is that we didn’t get another boyfriend fight scene in this one. There was a good moment for it too and I was on the edge of my seat waiting. However, I have to remind myself that Colin Firth is getting along in years despite how dashing he remains. Perhaps coming to blows isn’t the best for him (but I saw Kingsman and I demand a deleted scene extra, when Jones 3 hits DVD!)


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