Dream Diary: I broke the Mill

I had my first dream about breaking the Mill since starting my new position. It was very short and happened just after drifting off to sleep which is highly unusual for me. Dreams tend to come to me near the morning.

I was in a room that isn’t actually a real room in the mill, just a weird mishmash of pipes and cyclones. Everything is painted a cream color. I went up to a cyclone and hit start. Flour started to tumble down the pipe similar to when you are loading a truck except without the flexibility of the sock. Flour started leaking and I hurried to turn the machine off, but I turned the wrong switch and the whole room started shaking. I was thrown to the ground as everything around me rumbled.

Then I woke up. I assume hitting the wrong switch caused an instant mill meltdown. I was trapped and doomed to die. Oops!


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