Night Work: Ghost story or well-executed prank?

It was almost five a.m. of the nightshift and I was starting to get a headache. I went upstairs and used the bathroom, then made my way slowly down the long hallway to the break room. I passed the kitchen and went to the large refrigerator in the dining room. I started digging in my lunch bag for ibuprofen when I heard a BAM! I didn’t even flinch, because I was so used to Jordan jumping out from hiding places. I looked over and the door I had just come through was swinging shut. There was no one there, but I stood and waited for whoever was in the hall to A) start laughing B) come in the other break room door, but nothing happened. I looked out into the hallway and it was empty. The door to the stairwell never clanged shut and the mill door never opened releasing the sounds of machinery. I was pretty sure I was all alone. I walked back to the mill, but had that creepy ‘don’t want to turn my back on the hallway’ feeling. I went down to the control room and there’s the rest of the team sitting there, calmly playing on their phones. Now at this time, there are a couple of people in the cleaning house, but the only people that would be on prank playing level with me were sitting that room. I never said anything about what happened to them. I probably shouldn’t, but I’ll be on my toes for both pranks and ghosts in the future.




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