Night Work: 4:30AM

It is 4:30 am and it has been a relatively busy night. Taking apart whole pieces of machinery, cleaning them and reassembling them is very time consuming. Therefore, I have been away from my laptop and my thoughts have not been wandering through scenarios and storylines. Now I sit watching the time wind down, and the blinking cursor of insanity. My mind is drawing a blank on all the words. Here’s my free moment! You said you wanted to get some things down, right? Apparently, not happening. I have no idea what my characters are doing right now!

WHY IS NOBODY AWAKE YET? Come on, it’s almost five. I can’t wait to get out of here. I shouldn’t have drank that soda. I sorta want to run. I hate running, no I want to bike. I got that spin class tomorrow, wait…that’s today…WHAT DAY IS IT? It’s October! Was anyone going to tell me?


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