Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Movie review

I thought long and hard if I really wanted to write this review at all. Do I really want to go over everything that was wrong with this film? I imagine that someday this might seem like a magical movie to some kid (or adult) that never read the books. Creating magical universes is something Tim Burton does well, but I just can’t stand by him this time.

For me it was one of the most heartbreaking adaptations that I have ever witnessed. I understand that some of the story has to be trimmed and rewritten to streamline for film, but this? Manhandling characters by switching characteristics that make them them in the story and replacing eaten souls with eyeballs? The forced reformulated conclusion to please those seeking a feel good ending?

I’m speechless. I think I shook my head for the whole ride home, repeating Why? to myself. If you have yet to read the books or see the movie, I suggest you buy the books. Print a picture of Eva Green as Miss Peregrine and paste it to the cover of your book, because she is probably the only thing that I feel was right. If you are not a reader and you opt for seeing the movie, you will find that Samuel L. Jackson succeeds in adding humor to an otherwise dark story.peregrins-gallery3-gallery-image


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