Minneapolis Ghost walk

While skimming the Internet for a seasonal activity that didn’t involve waiting in long lines and mature enough to not interest children, (but still delighted my inner child) I came across the Minneapolis Ghost walk. It was a chance to indulge my love of history and hear about the darker side of my fair city. And yes, it also starts in Mill Ruins park. But, Loll you work in a mill, aren’t you tired of being around that stuff? No…no I am not. 

The veil is thin this time of year and it’s important to acknowledge the spirits still among us. This tour isn’t a planned spook house with characters in masks popping out at you. It gives you insight into documented ghost stories around Minneapolis. I don’t want to leak any spoilers, but you might want to bring a notebook to write down anything you want to research later. Our tour guide, Dangerous Linda was full of historical facts and personal experiences. 

I was lucky enough to have an enchanting night with a glowing moon to enjoy a walk around downtown. I could have walked all night, but there were zombies on the loose from the pub crawl. I’ve volunteered out there enough to have had my fill of that particular party. 

So sign up, get out, stretch your legs and maybe mosey up to one of the downtown bar rails afterwards for a pint to wash away the heebie jeebies. And bring a friend, because you WILL have to walk back to your car alone in the dark. Hurry! There are only two more tour dates before Halloween: October 22nd and 29th. 



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