Dream diary: Northside

In this dream, I seemed to return to my teenage self, but I was still living on the Northside. However, in my dream, the Northside was a lot more rundown than it actually is. Abandoned, decaying houses were rampant. Not Minnesota decaying, more like southern U.S. 365 days a year decaying.

For some reason I took a bunch of new clothes and snuck into an abandoned house and folded them like taking inventory of a secret stash. There were 2-3 piles and I had to carry them back to the home, but I couldn’t carry them all in one trip. I was worried about getting back to the abandoned house for the rest before someone else found my new clothes and stole them. I got mixed up getting back to the house and then realized I needed to go to the ATM before dark. The sun was already starting to sink. I was suddenly wearing my wool and fox fur winter coat. I used my iPhone to locate the nearest ATM. It ended up not being an ATM, but more like a check cashing place with a service window right on the sidewalk. I had to wait in line and the line was growing longer behind me. They looked like questionable characters. It also felt like a Friday: payday.

I got up to the window and the Security lady (she was wearing a uniform similar to a security or police officer) asked what I needed and being nervous and surprised that it was not an ATM, I stuttered. She asked if I wanted the usual $40, and I said yes, then she told me there was a $3 service charge and would I like to make a withdrawal of $43 or take the fee out of the sum. I said the latter, she counted out the $37 and handed it to me through the narrow slot in the plexiglass. I shoved it in my pocket and started to briskly walk home. I realized what a sitting duck I looked like. I had cash and an iPhone in the pockets of my expensive coat, a woman wandering the cold of nighttime Northside alone. I imagined someone had gotten out of line to follow me for some quick cash. I neared a bridge and darted down along the quay to loose them. I passed some decaying boats and somehow crossed over to the other side.

I ducked into a small yellow theater to watch a prescreening of some Green Day movie with the band. It ended up not being the whole movie, but just a trailer and I was a bit disappointed. I did very briefly get to meet the guys, before I headed back into the neighborhood and proceeded in trying to find my way home walking down alleyways.


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