Closed Indefinitely

Closed Indefinitely. That’s the title of the email that popped up on my phone screen at 4:10 AM during my nightshift. It was from my cycling studio. I had to open it immediately, but it revealed no more information than what the title said.

How could they be closed indefinitely? Was there a family emergency? I hope everyone is all right. I have not seen her for almost two months now. I miss our little chats. Maybe it was a short notice trip and they both had to go. Or was there an accident during one of the sessions? Would they shut down for such a thing?

Perhaps it was because there was not enough business? I know the class sizes were small, but I liked it that way. You didn’t have to be close to anyone. I couldn’t recruit any new clients either. I have very few friends and my obsession with indoor cycling has not rubbed off. I didn’t mind being alone in my pursuit. The studio was a calming space. A place of solace. In that dark room, I was my only obstacle and my only concern. Paying the bills or doing a grocery run didn’t matter. It was an hour that I could wholly and selfishly think of me. Pushing myself and finding out what I was capable of. Working out my anger and frustration before I punch someone in the face. Therapy.

What if indefinite means permanent? What then? I still have ride credits. How long do I wait before finding a new studio? Ugh, that means I have to meet new people all over again. I’ll have to pretend that I’m a cheery person and that I don’t want to punch people in the face all the time. I might even be compelled to shave my legs for first impression’s sake. It’s too cold for that shit. Not to mention it’s only been six months since I had two urgent care visits and two rounds of antibiotics after my razor decided it’d rather be a potato peeler halfway through an upstroke.

I’ve combed the website, the app and the Facebook page. There is still no new information. I have to wait. I can only stare at those two words.

Closed Indefinitely

What does that mean?


One thought on “Closed Indefinitely

  1. So sorry…I know how good the classes were for your well-being. I loved the way the one class made me feel. The hours weren’t very convenient for me and I wish it was a little less expensive….although the groupon would have been a good deal if it wasn’t closed indefinitely. Perhaps you should take up boxing….


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