Judgment day

After the long drive back to the coast, Charlie and Jack brought Micky to the private lounge of Libellule. They made him carry the crate filled with mason jars of new whiskey upstairs by himself. Frank sat smoking a cigar in a wing-backed chair as they entered the room. He pointed with the cigar tip … Continue reading Judgment day


Charlie’s report

Charlie drove back to the small town near the Farm. The waitress looked up as he entered and accidentally spilled the coffee she was pouring onto the counter. Coffee in this heat? Charlie thought. He sat down at the telephone and waited for the operator to put him through. Within a few minutes, he heard … Continue reading Charlie’s report

Dream diary: Family secrets, hipster bartenders, and loose teeth

We were having a large gathering of family and friends for the holiday. I remember dancing with a truck driver I hadn’t seen in a very long time. Then he morphed into a guy closer to my age with spiky bleach blond hair and black framed glasses. He was an artist and bartender. He insisted … Continue reading Dream diary: Family secrets, hipster bartenders, and loose teeth