Dream Diary: the drowned child

In the dream, I walked up to a house where I supposedly lived (not my house in reality). It over looked a swimming hole surrounded by tall grass and a lot of people were out in the summer evening to enjoy the coolness. I walked up on to the porch and went inside. The house was full of “family” that had gathered for the holiday.

I only had time to set down my purse before someone rushed up and knocked at the door. I answered it and it’s a frantic woman that says we need to call 911, someone had drowned in the swimming hole. I asked of they needed help and she said “No, just the ambulance. The child is under the water somewhere and everyone is looking for him.”

I return to the living room and repeat the message for the people sitting there, but they give me blank stares. I pull out my cellphone and try to dial 911. I hear the line pick up, but no one says anything.

“I have an emergency to report,” I state loudly. A man on the other end starts laughing. Then he starts on some sales pitch of what I really need more than an ambulance and he’s using some flirtatious sales tactic that makes me angrier.

I hang up and try to dial again, but I can’t hit the numbers right. I hear someone outside shout that they’re coming. I run outside and see two ambulances with lights off driving down the dirt road. The sun is about to dip behind the pink horizon.


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