Dream diary: the camel

This dream starts off with my sister and I riding a horse. She is in front holding the reins. I am sitting sideways on the back with one arm around her waist. We ride this way for a little while as I try to keep from slipping off.

Then the dream morphs and we are riding separate dromedary camels. She is on the first camel and is still holding the reins of my camel. She leads me up to a rest stop run by the horseback/camel ride people. We dismount and leave the camels tied to a hitching post. We walk around a grassy area by a little hut and stretch our legs. Inside the hut is a gift shop and we check it out.

We decide to go back to our ride. My sister mounts her camel and takes the reins for mine again. I try to climb up by my camel was not cooperating. He kept shying away and rearing up. At one point I was clinging desperately to the saddle before falling off. My sister struggled to hang onto the reins. I got on him and we were trying to walk it out of him.

Then the gift shop lady ran out of the hut yelling at us to wait. She said she forgot to give me my camel’s soda and she handed me a small plastic bottle of coke. Coke Zero to be exact. Apparently, my camel was some sort of sugar/caffeine fiend and that’s why he was throwing a fit.


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