Dream diary: killing mice

In this dream, I was visiting my eldest sister and she showed me something in her bedroom. As she left the room, I realized there was a mouse crawling around under her covers. I clamped down on it instinctively. Then decided the best thing to do would be to crush it and kill it. (and don’t forget to tell her to change her sheets before going to bed.) But I couldn’t seem to crush it hard enough. I pulled it out of the covers. It was dazed, perhaps dying, but not dead.

I was going to throw it in the kitchen compost trash and take it outside. As I was walking to the kitchen with it wrapped in a Kleenex in my hand it started coming to. By this time, it had grown from a tiny, juvenile mouse to some rodent the size of an adult teddy bear hamster. It leapt out of my hand.

At this point in my dream, my vision became very bad as if I wasn’t wearing my glasses or contacts. I looked around at the floor, but couldn’t see it. I went into the next bedroom and my cat followed me. Bukowski was very excited and chirping, but he was not very helpful in tracking the mouse. I never found it before waking up.


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