Spin Again

This article is a follow up to ‘Closed Indefinitely’. 

I finally took the plunge today and tried out a new cycling studio. This one is closer to home, which is a plus. Still not conveniently located near a coffee shop I like. Before I would finish my class and get a chai while working on blog updates. Yay, for developing new routines. People need to do that once and a while to keep them on the top of their game.

Since it was in town (I mean actually in Minneapolis) parking is more of an issue. I was running a bit late so I went in the parking ramp. It had a lunchtime special of only $2 to park which is not bad at all. Years ago, I had a job interview downtown and I paid $11-12 for a half hour of parking. Yikes!

The class was the same length as my last studio, however it seemed to go by really quick. Before I knew it we were done. I didn’t log that many miles and I feel like my month hiatus despite my outdoor rides was detrimental. The bikes and metrics were also different, so it will take some time to get used to it. I have to reset my previous goals for their tracking system. They also added in some arm workouts that I liked, because not that I’m in a different position at work my arms aren’t getting the workout on the daily like they used to.

The most bizarre part of the new studio was the instructor. He seemed to have energy for days. At times, I felt like I was in the middle of a Magic Mike show. There was spandex and gyrating, moving around the room, rhythmic clapping, hand signals I did not understand and long gazes in the mirror. I think I’m still shell shocked. I’m not sure if I’m confused or I enjoyed it, but it was the strangest cycling class I’ve had yet.

I’ll be finishing up the ride package I currently have, then maybe I’ll know if it’s too bizarre for me or not.


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