Dream diary: The Slap

In this dream, I was in a farm house talking to a man about going somewhere. I went to my room to change my shirt and through the window, I saw the little boy run off wearing shorts, shirt and rain boots. I knew he was supposed to be coming with us. I tore out of the house yelling for him to stop. I still had my white shirt clutched in my hand as I ran towards the pond. It lay in a big depression in the ground.

As I got to the edge I saw the boy’s rain boots stuck in the mud as he had walked into the murky water. He was nowhere in sight as I looked around in a panic. Then I saw him in the shadow of some reeds. He was up to his chin in water, struggling and stuck in the mucky pond bottom.

I slid down the slope and charged into the muddy water, finally tossing aside my shirt as I struggled to wade through the mud. I grabbed his upper arms and wrenched him out of the mud. Now I’m wet, dirty and angry. I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing going into the pond like that. He instantly started saying crap like ‘he had to do it’ and ‘it was to save us.’ I plopped him down on the grass and told him to stop lying, because he could have died if I hadn’t seen him out my window. No one would have known where to look for him and he could have drowned. I was fuming, but he still claimed some fantastical story that he had had to. I was so angry, I just slapped him straight across his muddy face. I mean so ANGRY, I felt like throttling him. I told him he better go tell his mother the truth, turned him towards the house and gave him a push.

I was so overwhelmingly angry by the whole situation I woke myself up.


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