Finding the One


After the jolting heartbreak of getting left hanging by my last cycle studio (see Closed Indefinitely), I have been on the roam seeking a new cycling home. I did quite a few miles outdoors, but with the colder weather and this being Minnesota and all, I tried another studio in Uptown. It ended up being a very weird ride (see Spin Again for more details). After a few trips there it still didn’t feel right. I wanted the camaraderie that my last studio had. Even though the trainers were energetic, they still felt detached and not engaged with the riders. I’m not even sure how to explain it. There were also the details of paying for parking and no adjacent coffee shop.

Problem solved! After more searching, I spent the morning at Diamond’s coffee shoppe and as I left I saw the sign for Torque Cycling. I assumed it was another bike shop, but surprise, surprise I was on Groupon and what pops up? Torque Cycling. I just had my first class and it was like coming home again. I have been in love with Nordeast Minneapolis for years. I would live here, but unfortunately everyone wants to live in NE and we were priced out. Northside is just next door and it’s easier to cross over to NE than it is to squeeze down to Uptown.

The list of pros goes on:

Supporting small business – check

Coffee shop adjacent (also small business) – check

Good equipment (I love Keiser bikes) – check

Towel service – check

Cold filtered water – check

Free parking – check

Good air circulation – check

Close to home – check

Welcoming environment – check

Engaging and ripped instructor – check

Multiple bathrooms and showers – check

Sanitary wipes – check

No mirrors (no self-criticism during your work out) – check

**Bonus** Instead of mirrors you enjoy a mural by local artist Adam Turman!

The only thing I would like to add is that they currently do not track your stats. At my last studio, you could access your stats online and if I was ever feeling down I would compare my first ride with my most recent ride to remind myself of the progress I had made. This studio has so many more positives, that this detail doesn’t even really matter.

Happy Spinning!



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