Dream diary: Sinking

Sometimes dreams are far too complex and confusing to get down into words. My last couple have been like this, but I do remember somehow ending up with my “family” (not real family members, but dream actors posing as family in the scenario) in a rowboat on a lake. The boat changed into an old station wagon with wood paneling. There was an old man who was ill, as in he’s not very long for this world due to old age ill. I was in the front seat and my “mom” was in the driver’s seat. Due to having so many people in the car/boat it was starting to sink in the water. We weren’t that far from shore. The banks were surrounded by reeds. I started feeling claustrophobic due to the many people squeezed in the car and the rising water that was now a couple inches up the window. I told my “mom” I thought we should head back. She insisted that I could go out the window and swim back to shore on my own if I wanted to go back so bad, but I pointed out it would let water in and we need to come up with a plan for getting “grandpa” back to shore. We argued about it for awhile, because she insisted that everything would be fine. I don’t remember squeezing out the window, but I do remember floundering around in the water once I escaped, climbing up on the dock of a shoreline cabin and staring back at the car as it sank.


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