Dream diary: Scandinavian Interpretation

This is dream analysis of Dream Diary: Scandinavian tornadoes.

Last night I also dreamt about a red object again, although the rest of the dream didn’t make sense I do remember an old, malfunctioning cherry red jeep. So I’ve decided to delve a bit deeper into analysis on my Scandinavian adventure.

Red: From the various resources I’ve perused they say that colors can be personally subjective. Colors can lend different feelings to different people. Suggested connotations are anger, vitality, masculinity and finances (i.e. debt)

Suitcase: Lugging around a suitcase in my dream could mean that I’m carrying a lot of baggage. I never saw the contents of the bag so I have to assume that the color is the important factor. I have to agree that I am carrying around a lot of anger. If I said I wasn’t, I’m sure my sister would comment on this post that I was full of shit. Another source says I’m put together and need a vacation. Both true.

Chewing gum: The presence of Big Red cinnamon gum, that I put in my mouth before leaving the storm shelter. Supposedly it could mean thinking something over before acting, but it seems I had already decided to go to my dog’s rescue in dreamland. In waking life, I am constantly thinking things over and weighing options. Cinnamon could mean that I need to add spice to my life and do something out of character.

Auditorium/theater seating: I’ve read through several different explanations, but they don’t seem to fit the dream or waking life at all. One said I might have a need to be heard or that I need to learn from others. I’m not sure how red seats figure into that.

Tornado: These represent emotional storms or outbursts. Since it was an impending situation on the horizon I think I can expect some upheaval in my life. I am not surprised. Also that I took shelter (patience, hiding emotion) then ran out into the storm sort of explains some feelings I’ve been having on a particular situation. Moving on…

Dieter: It might be a stretch for some people to agree with me on how I deciphered this one, but I sort of stumbled across it and I think it relates. Sometimes you stumble across things for a reason. Dreaming about your deceased child can be a way of keeping them alive and the dreams usually occur if you are having trouble coming to terms with their death.

For my dream last night that involved a Jeep: a Jeep could mean that I only like doing things my way. That I’m independent and free, but of course, the Jeep was not working so…yeesh. Alternatively, it could mean to develop a more active lifestyle or have a more unconventional sex life. Bah! I can’t stand when explanations always boil down to sex. I have other things on my mind, you know!


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