Dream diary: Hotel resort

I was working at an all-inclusive hotel resort in Cancún or some such similar place. I was assigned to assist guests entering the lobby and direct them to the check-in counter. What made my job difficult was a very large carnivorous and somewhat intelligent plant. I scolded it like you would a dog. ‘Don’t touch, No!’ The guests would come in and I’d stand in front of the plant and try to hold back any creeping tendrils covered in razor sharp leaves as I greeted the guests. I would hand them off to the next staff member and go back to scold the plant. After the plant finally starts to behave and all the guests have arrived, I headed downstairs to the kitchen.

It was a dark, windowless room. I asked the Asian chef if he has any kitchen scraps to feed the plant as treats so it has positive reinforcement for good behavior. The chef starts talking when the room shakes. Suddenly, we are in the fuselage of a crashing airplane. The cockpit breaks off as we enter a free fall. There is another woman there desperately trying to hang on. I hand her an air tank and push her out the gaping hole. My reasoning is that our plight is hopeless. I take out my pistol and aim at the air tank. It’s to put her out of her misery (according to my dream self). She falls too quickly and is soon out of range. I can take the shot. I tell the chef we need to put on the remaining parachutes and jump for it. We struggle to get into the harnesses and by the time we are done we are too close to the earth and are crashing into the ocean.

Our section of cabin bobs like an upended barrel. I clutch the edge and look out at the ocean as the bottom of the craft starts to fill with water. I say something to the chef, but when I look behind me he is gone. In the surrounding water I start to see the dorsal fins of circling sharks. They weren’t normal shark fins though. More like those of walleye or bass fish. Giant ones.

I see an island and wonder how long it would take me to swim there. I don’t think I can make it before I’m eaten by whatever sea monster is lurking under the surface. The waves start to move my barrel closer to land. A closer look allows me to see that the island is swampy and surrounded by seaweed more like a lake island. As the barrel hits the wall of seaweed, I am tipped out into the water.

The end.


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