Dream diary: The Striped Shirt


I don’t really remember the first half of this dream, but in it I returned to a store where an old friend worked. The store was very disorganized with all different clothing mixed together on racks. It was still separated into departments based on trends, but it wasn’t easy to find anything. It was very busy inside and it put me on edge. I found my old friend hanging out in her section. She was happy to see me until I showed her the striped shirt I needed in a different size, different color if available and the smile sorta fell off her face, but she took the shirt and disappeared. I guess I should gabbed a little bit first before asking for her help. Unfortunately, I am still socially awkward even in my dreams.

I waited around in her section for a long time. I start to wonder if I should have looked for the replacement shirt myself. She finally texts me. ‘They actually DO make pizza here! I just put in an order!’ I opened an attachment and saw that she had made the order for me and said it was from a particular ex-boyfriend I never want anything to do with ever again. My temper flared a bit, because she should know that so why did she put his name down. Then I realize it says this order WILL NOT BE READY FOR AT LEAST 45 MINUTES! I have other errands to do. I don’t want to hang out in a store that long. No one wants to hang out with you in your workplace!

Thankfully, I was woken up by my cat puking, so no more time wasted.


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