Dream Diary: The Labradors

It was night time in winter when my cousin drops me off on a residential street in Minneapolis. He is driving a very large truck and isn’t able to get any closer to my house so I get out to walk. I walk past a park with a baseball field. A black Labrador bolts out of the darkness, barking ferociously. I try to run back to the truck, but the dog cuts me off and I run in the opposite direction towards the backstop. He knocks me down and I cover my face as this dog is tackling me.

A yellow Lab bolts out and barks at the dog. The black Lab takes off to the other side of the park. I see that the yellow Lab is tied up to the fence alone. I take off my backpack, climb the fence and unloop the leash from the top post. I start walking away with the dog, because he shouldn’t be tied outside on a winter night. I pass two thuggish guys. They keep their distance since I have a dog. Then I remember I left my backpack and I hurry back to get it before the guys steal it. I yell as the bigger guy is starting to pull the backpack zipper open. I release the dog and he bolts forward at the guy barking. The man drops the backpack and claims its empty. There’s no need to get upset over and empty backpack. I tell him it doesn’t matter what’s in it. It’s my property. I take the backpack and we go our separate ways.

I check the dog’s tag to see if he has an address. He does, but it was a very odd one that I don’t recall now except I think it was written “STREET NAME #####”. I walk him back take a turn and am suddenly inside a hospital building. I’m in a corridor and security doors off of it lead to various suites for inpatient services. I knock on the door that matches the address. It is some sort of home for old people. An old nurse opens the door, sees the dog and frowns. I ask if this is a resident’s dog. A complete crabass, she sighs and says ‘Yes, but take it back to the park, tie it up and mind your own business. I should leave other people’s affairs well enough alone.’ Then she shuts the door on me. I weigh my options of what kind of trouble I’d get into if I take the dog home and keep it or if I should report it to Animal welfare. I wake up before I can decide.

Read about the interpretation of this dream HERE.


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