One happy cat celebrates first Adoptiversary!

New Year’s eve marks one year with Bukowski as a part of our family! He has made himself so comfortable that it seems like he has been with us much longer. We’ll never know where he came from or what he’s been through. He certainly doesn’t dwell in the past. Now I have a little shadow that follows me around the house. For a rescue cat, it is astonishing just how well behaved he is.

I have never had a cat that kept off the counters or really any high place. He never gets nasty with his claws. (No pussy grabbing back here!) Over the holiday, he even greeted guests and gave them the chance to socialize (including the kids), before he bowed out and retreated to his hideaway. He is not an escape artist and has no interest in going outside. He even leaves the Yule tree alone. Besides curling up and sleeping underneath it, he is very paws off. He’s never peed on anything out of spite or destroyed anything. (I once lived with a cat that liked to lick the image off of photographs as well as chew paper.)

By now, Bukowski knows the routine and holds me to it. His favorite activity is hanging out on the couch. He is very vocal if he thinks I’m doing too much housework.

“Stop cleaning and come sit with me!” he yowls repeatedly. When I do, he settles down and quickly drops off to sleep. He is a lucky and very content cat. Now if only we could jump start the mouser in him.


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