New Year’s Resolutions

2017 is finally here! That means it is time to renew some goals.

Make more Art. The past year or so since Dieter passed I have not made very much of anything. Even though I have a dedicated studio space now, I have only made a few pieces in the last year. Naughty Loll!

Keep writing. There’s been a few hills and valleys as I got this blog running. At times I’ve reached my goal of a post a day and other goals like NaNoWriMo I have fallen short. This year I will work on consistency and pick up one of my other stories to revive as I continue to work on Scenes from Prohibition.

Keep working on Fitness. Since last March, I have found a workout I actually enjoy! This year, I would like to make it to spin class twice a week and when the weather gets warmer I would like to start commuting to work by bike. I also need to add some more arm work to my routine, since I’m not lifting heavy things on the daily in the bulkhouse.

Keep kicking ass and taking names. Smash the Patriarchy!



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