Dream diary: Labradors Interpretation

This is a dream analysis of Dream Diary: The Labradors

After combing through many different resources on what dogs in dreams mean and even finding a couple references to what specifically Labradors mean, I am still a little flummoxed. Supposedly they can represent friends or aspects of friendships. The colors are important. The black dog could be negative traits of a relationship or representative of bad choices. The light dog the opposite. A vicious dog might be an inner conflict or betrayal by an outside influence.

The yellow lab could also mean that I have made the right choice in my life in regards to dreams and ambitions. According to that I can expect good things. The fact that we walked together could mean a soul mate/friend will come into my life. Protection was also mentioned, a basic warning dream. I have no idea what actually would need to be protected, uh, besides my backpack…but I have not looked anything up in regards to that.

Back to the black dog: dark, nocturnal dogs can represent evil or death. When I was reading a bit about this mythology from the British Isles, I came across Cadejo from Latin America. The common themes in that legend is that there is a dark Cadejo and a light Cadejo that appear at night to travelers. The light Cadejo is good and will protect people, while the black Cadejo will try to kill them. Hmm…sounds familiar. That’s really where the similarity between the two stories end though. The Cadejo are called dogs, but don’t necessarily look like dogs according to what I’ve read.

Backpacks can represent the responsibilities or burdens that you carry. I would agree that I have a lot of those, but I am confused that my backpack appeared mostly empty to the guy and I said something about it only being worth anything to me. Another resource points out that it could represent being self-sufficient or independent, which sounds about right.

Winter is the dormant time that occurs before rebirth. It is pretty close to the New Year so maybe this is the right time to turn over a new leaf and that I am capable of doing so if I surround myself with supportive people???

I haven’t found any resources that refer to old ladies that tell you to mind your own business though. Let me know if you come across any!


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