Night work: the return

It’s only about five hours into my first stint back on nightshift and I’m yawning already! The evening started off rough and after a few tense hours I finally got around to my first walk through. Employed people problems!

I tried to prepare for this return by staying up late and sleeping in. Just one teensy problem…there was to be no sleeping in. My eyes shot open just before the sun rose. Two days I tried that and both were failures. I laid awake, tossed, turned and thought way too much. 

I moved on to Plan B and attempted a nap this afternoon. It was basically just resting my eyes and not sleeping. I had some caffeine with my late lunch in hopes that it would carry me through. I want to go to sleep so bad! I’m not sure how to describe this feeling, but my face, my head hurt. I’m trying to hydrate, however the perk seems short lived. To add on, my shoulder is out of whack and I don’t even remember what motion aggravated it. The clock needs to hurry up. I need the sun to rise. Instead it’s pitch black out and freezing. The last stretch of night shifts was not this difficult. All I can think about is sleeping in the middle of my bed with my cat by my side. A big cocoon of warmth and fluffiness. 

You know what else? I think I might have a glass of wine when I get home too. So what if it’s 6:30am. I’ve had a very long day. 


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