Happy Friday the 13th!

There are a lot of superstitions that have many believing that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. This week you’ve probably come across a plethora of articles that attempt to explain why. Each one a regurgitation of the article before it. The same information is only reworded or reorganized to seem new.

I propose a counterpoint: Friday the 13th can be a good day. In several sources it is pointed out that the number 12 represents completeness (i.e. months, hours, apostles etc.) and being only one number past 12 makes 13 a representative of change and transformation.

Many people are averse to change and in the mindset of an unlucky day, a natural reaction might be to dig your heels in and keep to your routine (or batten down the hatches and stay in bed where it’s warm and safe for the next 24 hours.) If one chooses not to fight transformation and essentially ‘goes with the flow’, the experience of Friday the 13th could be inherently positive.

Speaking of flow, 13 is also considered a feminine number. It correlates with the thirteen lunar cycles in a calendar year in conjunction with the thirteen 28-day menstruation cycles that also occur each year. The whole idea of continuing the myth that 13 is a bad or evil number stems from patriarchy based Abrahamic religions. As Christianity spread, it attempted to stamp out the matriarchal revenant Pagan religions by spreading the belief that women are less than men, that menstruation, childbirth and women’s bodies are dirty and to be ashamed of. Years later in 2017, we’re still trying to regain equality and throw off the chains of patriarchy.

Hey Ladies! Why not be empowered this Friday the 13th. Rise up and believe in yourself in honor of all the independent thinking women before us that were prosecuted as witches for simply not acting like the wilting flowers the patriarchy wants us to be. You have nothing to fear this Friday as long as you are authentically yourself. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being male, I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps you should stay in bed and let the professionals handle this.


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