Dream diary: The Escape

After finally falling back asleep after my husband woke me for the Nth time after telling him NOT to wake me (unless the house is burning down) for the duration that I am on nightshift, I had a false awakening. I didn’t know I was dreaming as I rolled out of bed to look out the window. I kneeled down to look out a three-inch gap as a breeze blew in, but noticed that the curtain had been pulled out the window through the opening. This is when I realized that I was not awake. I pulled the curtain out of the way and looked out. The view was on street level and I was moving. I turned back around to find out I was in the back of a van. An old man with a fluffy, grizzly white hair and beard was driving. No, IT WAS NOT SANTA CLAUS! He said something ominous about what he was going to do to me and I started to feel unsteady as if I had been drugged. I grabbed the handle of the van door and was surprised that it actually slid open. I had expected to be trapped. My plan was to jump from the van, but when I saw the pavement whipping by I realized how fast the old man was driving. I was too scared to jump. I saw people and tried to shout ‘Help!’ but my voice was so weak. He passed near some buildings and I somehow managed to tumble out. My limbs were heavy and it was difficult to run and shout. I saw a woman sitting at a receptionist’s desk through the glass building front. I struggled to the nearest door, but it didn’t admit me to the lobby. I was in a dark concrete hallway. I found two identical passages, they looked like dead ends, but I knew one of them had to be an optical illusion with a hidden door. I was too worried about making the wrong choice and getting trapped. I was so scared that the old man was going to catch up to me as I backtracked to the entrance. I woke up before I got back outside.


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