A problem for Frank

“Damn it!” Frank slammed down the telephone and grabbed a piece of paper. He hastily scribbled a note and sealed it in an envelope. He burst out of the office upstairs at Libellule. Charlie and Jack turned away from the bar in surprise. In an instant they were alert.

“Seymour, please run this down to the hostess for me,” Frank ordered as he held out the envelope to the barman. He obediently took it with a nod and disappeared down the back staircase. When the bartender was out of earshot, Frank turned to his men.

“The stash on Elm street was just raided by the Prohees. We’re going down there. I need to see if it’s that smart ass agent that came sniffing around here.” Frank growled. This would be the first time that one of Sicero’s stashes were raided. He needed every drop of his stored liquor until he was able to produce a large enough quantity of his own. He really didn’t want to be worrying about this now. He was supposed to be having dinner with Caroline. She had already been reluctant to agree, now he was even keeping her waiting. He swore under his breath as he realized she might change her mind.

As the car turned onto Elm street, Charlie slowed down and pulled over. A crowd had gathered around an alleyway. Frank got out with a scowl on his face. Charlie and Jack followed a safe distance behind. Frank was furious. The bystanders must have picked up on it as they moved aside as he approached. A few people recognized him and nodded respectfully. He stopped at the police barrier and gazed down the alley. The door of the loading dock was open, men of the law began rolling barrels out of the darkness and towards the street. A cop waved the bystanders back and the barrels were rolled to the gutter. A Treasury agent followed behind with a fire ax in his hand. Frank’s forced a wide grin as the agent laid eyes on him.

“Sicero,” the agent tipped his hat. Nonchalantly, Frank pulled out a cigar from his chest pocket and inspected it.

“Spiegel,” he replied.

“Funny seeing you here,” Spiegel commented as he got a good grip on the axe handle.

“I was passing by when I saw the crowd, you know I like a good gawk,” Frank said. “Looks like you’re finally earning that government paycheck by finding some sap’s honey pot.”

Your honey pot,” Spiegel accused. Frank shook his head as he lit a match and held it to the end of his cigar.

“Nope, nice try, Spiegel,” he replied. Spiegel frowned. He gritted his teeth as he swung the axe up and sunk it into the barrel. Spirits began to escape and slosh into the gutter. The crowd let out a heartfelt gasp, only a few cheered as the onlookers around them wore hangdog expressions. Frank hid his behind a frozen grin. His teeth sunk into his cigar.

“Since it’s not yours, would you like to give me a hand?” Spiegel asked. He held the axe out to Frank. The business man shook his head.

“Unfortunately, I have a date with a beautiful woman. Be careful that you don’t throw your back out. Looks like you have quite a few barrels.” He turned back to Charlie who parted the crowd for Frank to exit. They retreated back to the car.

Spiegel fumed. There had to be some scrap of evidence in the warehouse that traced this stash back to Sicero. He released his pent up anger on the barrels that he continued to bust apart in front of the crowd of gawkers.

Frank was silent for a few minutes after the car pulled away from the crowd. Charlie and Jack exchanged concerned looks, but remained silent. Frank stared out the window as the buildings slid by.

“Charlie, go to Tino’s. I want you to find the record for what was in that warehouse. I need to know just how much we lost today. Tell Sal, he’ll help you find the papers. They’ll never find out who owns it. I’m sure Spiegel will hit a dead end with Dauterive’s dummy company, but I want to know how he found out. Who gave him the location? Jack, put your ear to the ground. I want to know who’s talking. And God damn it, that Micky O. better turn up something soon!” Frank barked out his orders. Charlie and Jack exchanged looks again.

“Yes, boss,” they replied in unison.

Continue reading this story line: HERE.


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