Night work: Scheduling

On this stint of night shift, I suddenly realized that my schedule has completely flip-flopped. Normally, I would be popping out of bed and rushing through my morning regimen to make it to work and then returning from work to relax and dilly dally around until bed time. Now I get up and dink around until work, then rush home, rush through my bedtime routine and leap into bed in an effort to beat the sunrise. Perhaps around 6am is the time I prefer to be busiest. I guess that might be food for thought, if I were to analyze my most productive times.

Another thing I have noticed is that coffee shops don’t open early enough. I’m sorry. I know the struggle, no one wants to get up that early and go to work. However, for those of us that work at 6am (or get off work at 6am and just want to relax with a cup of tea and fresh bakery item before we retreat to our dark burrow) we are left with very little options. I suppose there’s always the gas station or some fast food joints if one is desperate, but it really lacks atmosphere. Not to mention, they’re usually large companies, who I guess, don’t care about forcing their workers to start at ungodly hours. I prefer local businesses, especially coffee shops (and cycling studios) but I suppose in the city it can be risky to be open that early. It might work in the suburbs.

I’ve hung out in coffee shops since high school. I continue to do a lot of writing in them. Although, I get quite a bit done while babysitting machines on night shift, I don’t ever go to the coffee shop. And damn it, I’m surprised how much I miss it. Tonight, I expect the next shift to be late and I’ve located a place that opens at 6:30am. I’ve never been there, but they have this thing called a ‘Killer Chai’. Hopefully, their baked goods are decent. I had really hoped to make it to Glam Doll Donuts, but they aren’t open until seven. Quite a few of the closest cafés were also closed on Sunday. I thought that would be a very busy coffee drinking, ‘too cheap for full brunch’ day, but I’m wrong.

On another note, just because I’m working nights does NOT mean I want to come in for a work meeting at 4am on my day off. Thanks, but no thanks.


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