Dream diary: Ew factor

This dream I didn’t remember very well except for the ending. I was trying to close a pocket knife. It partially closed on my thumbnail, because I wasn’t paying attention. It was a tiny knick, but within a few seconds it was a giant gaping, disgusting crack. No blood, because the skin was intact, but the nail was fractured.

I have been trying to remember how exactly I got there. I recall there was a man that I was talking to. That was how I was distracted, but I’m not sure what we were talking about. I can’t pin down any other details of the dream. Except that it was all very interesting and surreal.


Thumb: to dream of a thumb can represent the stability/control of a relationship/situation. You’re grip on something. Apparantly, my grip on something is severely damaged and that is not a comforting thought.

Fingernails: the condition of your nails reflects how you feel about yourself. Again, not very comforting.


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