Dream diary: The drone

This was a weird dream. Of course, I don’t remember how it began, but I felt that my old employers were very upset that I left. They ended up recruiting one of my managers from my current job. I realized this when she started asking me lots of strange questions i.e. Why did you leave? Well, what would it take for you to go back? She was very forceful and got in my personal space. Then she said they were opening a location in Fridley and asked if I would be interested in helping set up the new store.

Backstory: I have helped set up several new stores and I actually really like doing it. I have experience with planograms, floor layouts, in-store marketing, that I sorta fell into as an artist in the retail world. At one time, I intended to pursue this to be a Marketing manager and then hopefully to become someone at the corporate level that helps design marketing materials and plans for stores. However, did you know that a lot of stores’ corporate offices are in Ohio? Sorry, but that is at the bottom of the list of places I’d live. Get stuck in Ohio one time and you have to reroute your career plans. FYI: the company I work for now is nationwide, but based in Minneapolis.

I declined her offer, that I had my reasons for leaving and didn’t regret my decision. That’s when I noticed I was being followed by a drone. It had a glowing red light on it. I tried to run away, but it followed. This went on for quite a while. I ran into buildings and it would be floating outside the windows. I finally ran behind a net curtain and managed to disable it. I woke up before I could really smash it to pieces.


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