Dream diary: Spearmint gum

I had this dream shortly after I fell asleep, which is pretty rare for me. The beginning is hazy. I was interacting with a person. I think they knock me out and as I come to I realize my cat is in my face as I’m laying on the ground. He is trying to eat my gum out of my mouth and because my hands are full I settle for hanging on to my gum with just my teeth. This causes us to be in this epic tug-o-war game with some very sturdy spearmint gum. I’m trying to communicate with my cat telepathically. Gum is really not good for you! As he releases, my head snaps back and I’m awake. I realize my fist is pressing on the bottom of my chin forcing my teeth to clench. My mouth still tasted like toothpaste. The position was uncomfortable enough to seep into dream time. I changed positions, but the stress of the dream kept me awake for a while. And no, I did not also wake up with a cat in my face.

It’s also odd, because I very rarely chew gum. Spearmint gum especially was outlawed during my childhood. If I remember the story correctly (which I probably don’t) my dad left a pack of spearmint gum in the bedside table when my mom was pregnant and she couldn’t sleep because the smell was making her sick. Therefore, naturally NOBODY is allowed to have spearmint gum, EVER again!


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