Dream diary: Duluth

In this dream I skipped out of work to drive to an art show in Duluth to see an old friend? Acquaintance? I’d like to consider her a friend, but I guess we never really hung out. It’s very difficult for people to know that I like them, because I’m too aloof and they think I don’t care.

Anyway, she had a booth in this show in Duluth. She does a lot of work with deerskin, iron pours and book binding. I drove out there and found out that I had missed her. The booth was located inside a history museum. I took a look at her booth and she had some boots on display. They looked like a mixture between Uggs and Borns. I pulled a pair on and THEY WERE THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES I HAVE EVER TRIED, but they were brown. I never wear clothes that coordinate with brown shoes. I started to look for other colors and came across one pair that was ‘black’ as in a sort of faded gray black. Of course, it was not in my size.

I started to look around the museum since I drove all this way and there was a woman by a dogsled display. There was one husky attached to it and she showed me something on the handle where you pull some leather toggles and can adjust the height of the handle bar. Which I’m sure is not a feature of actual dogsleds. I should also point out that the sled in particular looked more like it was made from a large piece of birch bark. I don’t remember much else except that the exhibits centered around life in the North woods.


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