Dream diary: Condemned building#2

This was one of the rare times where I woke up, but resumed the dream when I fell back asleep.

My best friend and I returned to our apartment with the guy friend in tow. Our building was a red brick four-plex with bay windows on the front. We went upstairs, but then I had to leave again and I walked downstairs. I saw a guy with his hood up in the hallway and I thought it was the guy we were with. It never crossed my mind to wonder how he had gotten ahead of me. I rushed up to him and at the last minute realized it was someone else. This guy was white with a reddish goatee and shaven head. I ducked past him and went out to the sidewalk. He called after me and had a strange accent. He asked which way downtown was. I pointed and said, “It’s always uphill. Go downhill and you’ll find your way back.” I assumed he was a new resident. He then asked if this area was dangerous. I replied that it had gotten a bad rap in the news, but was no more dangerous than any other area. That didn’t mean that I would recommend wandering around in the middle of the night. Which sounds about how I would describe the Northside, but the location of this apartment building didn’t look anything near anything I’ve seen on the Northside.


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