Dream diary: Time traveler

This dream was very confusing. It was sort of the same urban areas as the Condemned building dreams (part 1 & part 2). There was another male character that was a young Rufus Sewell (Sorry, I’ve been watching Victoria on the PBS and a few episodes of The Man in the High Castle.) In an attempt to explain what was going on I have to say the Rufus was ‘infected’ and his days were numbered. He looked healthy though, perhaps a little sweaty, but he was running through moments of the past trying to figure out how he had been infected and prevent it from happening.

Rufus ran into me during one of these moments he was reliving. I saw him in two places at once. The past version of him is calmly getting a coffee at a high falutin’ type of coffee shop. Then the frantic, sweaty version ran into me on the street as he tried to follow his past self. During this contact, I became infected and he dragged me along with him as he tried to explain what he was doing. We needed to prevent him from getting infected then that would prevent ME from getting infected. What are we vampires? Kill the Alpha!

We did another time warp and were on a different street corner. It was autumn and leaves collected along the edges of the road. It was replaying another moment of his life that just happened to be an argument with his girlfriend in the street. She was a very angry, black woman in a lavender tracksuit. We saw her raise a hand holding a syringe. He ran to push himself out of the way and I tackled this woman. We struggled with the syringe in between us. I was extremely worried that I would get punctured. I guess what we did worked, because we hit another time warp and I woke up.


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