Dream diary: Killing Mice again?!

I had a dream about killing mice again. There were two mice that I was chasing around this environment I was in. Everything leading up to this was extremely confusing so I can’t really describe how I got to chasing mice or the place I was in. By the time I finally cornered them they had two little mice with them. Somehow they found the time to have children. I gave each mouse a bop with my closed fist to cripple them. They stared up at me plaintively with their beady eyes, confused by their paralysis. Then my conscience didn’t want them to suffer so I tried to put them out of their misery by smashing them again. Why the hell do I dream about crushing mice? In the dream, I feel an overwhelming need to kill them for some reason, but I take no joy in the follow through.

According to various sources, mice are hard to interpret because the dreamer can be influenced by how Mice have been portrayed in the media during their life. i.e. Mickey Mouse, The Secret of NIMH, Tom and Jerry. That said they also could represent trivial matters that I am spending way too much energy dealing with. Killing them is an attempt to subconsciously eliminate the tedious problems. I should probably mention that I have heard mice in the ceiling of the living room, but I don’t hear them when lying in bed at night. If perhaps I was hearing them while I was sleeping, then I could understand my recurrent mouse murder.

Some laughable phrases that came up concerning mice or killing them are:

-Getting rid of unwanted guests in your house

-Trouble with a partner

-As a woman dreaming this I may have trouble with another woman

-A symbol of women’s lechery

My previous dream about killing mice can be found HERE.



One thought on “Dream diary: Killing Mice again?!

  1. I have studied dream interpretation under Doug Addison for years. Mice are pests that carry parasites in the natural. They destroy human things, leave poop presents behind and are considered like all rodents a nuisance when inside closed living quarters. If you have any recurring dream it means that once you address the emotions symbolized in the dream during your waking hours, the dream will stop at night because it has been resolved. The internet is not a good place to look up meaning of dreams because every individual will have a different interpretation and application according to dremt events. Mice in the natural is how you define their meaning but its application to you is that something within close quarters is a constant aggravation. I suspect if it is a challenge it is placed by a person who manipulates you. The fact that the mice hold baby mice as you finally catch them is a manipulative move, meant for you to carry on and endure another day of their antics. It’s good that you kill them because baby mice grow up to be like their parent mice anyway, they have made you chase them which is spinning you in circles. So in your real life look at what your thought life is saying and draw a boundary or educate yourself on codependency or whatever is having you loose track of your goals because you have to stop the distractions around you. If this dream has been going on for a long time it is good because at least your killing the mice means you are gaining victory. The feeling bad part is the issue in real life. Dreams are meant to reveal soul issues or destiny that we ignore while awake. If it makes you feel bad when you wake flip it for good, recognize the action and declare its opposite over yourself as well as speak to your mind before you sleep, tell it to bring an end to the rat race in your dreams because you need victory. It is just a dream that applies to your need for peace and empowerment.

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