The Keeper’s Chronicles: book review

I recently read The Keeper’s Chronicles by Tanya Huff which consists of three books: Summon the Keeper, The Second Summoning and Long, Hot Summoning. I would categorize the books as humor as I had more than a few laughs.

The series centers around Claire, who is a Keeper (think magical person i.e. witch or wizard, but not) and her talking cat, Austin. These two are summoned to repair holes in the fabric of the world in order to keep the balance between good and evil. If you’re not already going to read this book because I mentioned talking cat, then I have to ensure you that there is a host of other quirky characters to enjoy. Dean, an Adonis-esque ‘good guy’ with some OCD cleaning issues. Diana, Claire’s sister and junior by ten years that is too confident for her own good and don’t forget Hell. Yes, Hell has some very witty banter with itself.

My only criticism is that each book seemed to wander around then wrap up really quickly in the last chapter. I also was annoyed by the editing. There were a lot of instances that punctuation was missing or extra and occasionally words had missing letters. The humor was pretty consistent and paced well, but I felt by the last of the trilogy that most of the humor was heavily lowbrow. I enjoy a good dirty joke, but it started to feel like repeated material.

Did I mention talking cats?


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