Dream diary: Cupcakes


Last night I dreamed I was working at the Mall of America again. The UPS guy came to the stockroom door and delivered some packages. I sat on his cart for some reason. Before I could stop him he pushed me into the hall and into a freight elevator. Instead of moving up and down, we started moving sideways with a loud wooshing sound. I could see the walls whipping by outside the grating. It was fairly dark and creepy.

When we finally stopped and the doors opened we were at the airport. I tried to explain to the UPS guy that I had to get back to my store and there was no way that I could find the way by myself. I was going to get in trouble and probably lose my job. The UPS guy said he couldn’t go back until his deliveries were finished. I should either find my way alone or wait for him.

Everything gets sort of hazy as people walk by to catch their flights. They are only concerned with themselves and I’m standing there worried and helpless. The next thing I remember I am eating a vanilla cupcake. I notice there are chocolate ones and they look so fudgy and good. I start to reach for one when my alarm foes off and I wake up disappointed.


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