Dream diary: Work

I had another dream that I ran into someone at work. He said that the project he was working on was really interesting and I should stop by and see it. He mentioned that his department didn’t have as much drama as the mill did and things were pretty low key. Then he suggested I … Continue reading Dream diary: Work


Dream diary: Dogs and snakes

In this particular dream, I was walking home along Summit Avenue (not a real home, just dream home). It was sunny, early spring, but dry. There were still brown leaves on the ground that had not been cleaned up after the snowmelt. Some of the mansions were boarded up, because the rich families were still … Continue reading Dream diary: Dogs and snakes

A Threat

Spiegel and Holcomb stopped on the corner opposite of Tino’s. Holcomb had a distressed look on his face as he squinted at the small restaurant. “Relax, Holcomb, this is only reconnaissance. There’s no need to be nervous,” Spiegel said coolly. “I’m not, I’m not nervous,” Holcomb repeated as he tried to convince himself as well … Continue reading A Threat