Last night was the first night on my new mattress. Yay! I finally started to dream again. Not that I didn’t dream over the past couple of weeks, but I would only remember a vague feeling or a tiny detail.

Example: The feeling of my ex wanting to get back into the house. Or traveling through weird, indescribable environments. Or say, seeing someone feed a zombie by scooping the brains out of another person’s skull. Okay, that last one is a little specific, but it was from last night and I can’t quite remember the details surrounding it.

Not things I really felt like writing about. I also haven’t been able to write much for Scenes from Prohibition, call it depression/stress induced writer’s block. It’s sort of a tumultuous time in my life. I am making a lot of decisions and focusing on taking care of myself for the time being. As much as I want to escape into my literary world, real life needs my attention. I’ve been reading through a lot of paperwork, weighing options and considering deadlines.

I’ve tried to fill the void with photography. Photos don’t require words and I can avoid saying too much. I’m trying to play it safe at this stage of the game.


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