Dream diary: The bats

I was driving down a road with my sister. It was late summer and overcast. There were fields on each side of us. We had to stop behind a few other cars at a traffic light. It starts to downpour as the light turns green, but its next to impossible to see. As I flip on the windshield wipers, the water on the glass freezes and I still can’t see. I hang out my door and scrape a patch of ice away. I sit back to hand the scraper to my sister, but she has already gotten out of the car and is headed towards the field.

I pull my car over to the shoulder and park. I climb through the tall grass of the ditch to follow her. It is only raining lightly now, but it’s still cold. In the corner of the field stands some machinery called ‘uniflows’ that I would around in real life, but for some reason they’re here. They look dirty and abandoned. My sister has already climbed on top of it and is telling me that we have to open it. She’s concerned with the bats and we have to check on them.

I climb a ladder standing next to the machine, but can’t figure out what footholds she used to complete the climb. She’s trying to open the lid. I realize there are a few dozen tiny bats hanging under the edge of the lid. They look more like mice and their fur is patches of black, gray and white. I try to get them to fly away, because I’m worried about them being crushed by the lid. Before any success for my effort, the lid scrapes open, there’s a commotion I can’t see, but I hear my sister tusseling with something. She jumps down and is struggling to hold a giant fruit bat. I climb down and we rush back to the car. I grab a blanket and we try to wrap it around the bat, but it’s wing gets loose. We try to tuck it back, but don’t want to hurt it and that’s where I woke up.


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