Dream diary: the restaurant

All I remember is that I walked into this building that felt like a place I had visited the past year in Duluth. It was the atrium of an office building next to a hotel and it contained a few shops on the lower floors. It felt like Sunday and the sun shone brightly through the windows. I ran into this guy I apparently knew. I don’t remember who he was or even what he looked like, but he suggested we have a cup of coffee in the nearby restaurant. He just needed to wrap up whatever he was doing and he’d be along in a few minutes.

I walk across the foyer to the restaurant and passed by a long lunch counter. There are two gossipy older waitresses behind the counter talking. I finally reach a ‘Please wait to be seated section’ for the dining room. It was extremely busy and there were a lot of people waiting. I went back to the lunch counter where there were a lot of vacant seats. On each place setting sat a menu and I went to read one to even see if they served anything worth the wait. The waitresses shot me a look and I explained that I just want to read the menu. They went back to talking and complaining as I tried to read the laminated menu. Unfortunately, I was unable to actually read the pages, so I flipped through it for a minute and left.


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