Dream diary: Pear tree

I had a dream that I looked out the back, second story window of my house and saw a man jump my fence into the neighbor’s yard. I was under the impression he was trimming the part of the neighbor’s tree that hung over my yard. Then I realized there were more men hanging around my pear tree and they had cut all the branches off.

When I think about being displaced from my home, I worry the most about leaving my pear tree. The source of delicious preserves and homemade wine, not to mention hours of diversion making them. The past few years I have been frustrated by vast amounts of material possessions and have been able to purge what I think is excess. It’s a process I’m still working on and hoping to get better at. Now I have this tree and although it’s on my property it not as if I own it. I am merely borrowing it. The tree was here before I came, it was planted, it was loved at some point and it was neglected. Someday when I leave, I cannot take it with me, but it will continue to exist and there will be a small hole in my life that it once filled.

So to have a dream about losing a tree is more about my whole relationship with loss. I have experienced too much in the recent years and I don’t want to lose one more thing. Not yet, but we rarely ever get a choice in the matter.


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