Dream diary: Dogs and snakes

In this particular dream, I was walking home along Summit Avenue (not a real home, just dream home). It was sunny, early spring, but dry. There were still brown leaves on the ground that had not been cleaned up after the snowmelt. Some of the mansions were boarded up, because the rich families were still at their winter homes.

I turned through a gateway into the courtyard of the place I was staying and ran into a college-age girl. She was surprised to see me and asked if I lived there. I said I did. Her mood changed quickly to desperation and she begged me to help her. It felt more like she didn’t want me to be mad, because she had been caught before she was finished with whatever it was that she was up to. She said she had been waiting for someone to come home, because she needed someone to watch the two dogs her and her boyfriend had. They couldn’t have them at their apartment anymore and they just needed some time to find a new home. The boyfriend was somewhere on the property. They had already put the dogs inside by jimmying the back door open. She said they would return tomorrow to pick them up.

While she explains this I walk around back to the deck and go in the back door. The dogs are very excited. They were rather large and fluffy, but they kept changing so I can’t decide on what particular breed they are. I ask if she left food for them and she says no. I point out that it’s rather inconvenient that I have to not only watch the dogs, but also run to the store for food. Her boyfriend shows up, that’s when I look over and see there are two snakes on the floor. They are either very large garden snakes or very small pythons. They had strange coloring, so I can’t identify what types they are either. That’s when she asked about watching the snakes too and I cried, “No way! I’ll watch dogs, but not snakes!”

I took a few steps away and I overheard the girl ask her boyfriend if Jimmy (random name chosen. I don’t remember the actual name she used) was still downstairs.

“Who’s Jimmy?” I asked, but I already knew it was a young boy that she was supposed to be watching. I told her she had to take the kid with her. I am not watching any kids, or snakes, only dogs.

I looked back at the snakes and they had coiled themselves up on a thin rug. I ran over and wrapped the rug around them. I yelled at the girl to open the back door as I picked up the bundle and ran towards her. She struggled with the doorknob, because I don’t think she really wanted to help. I had to take one hand off the bundle to open the door myself. I dashed to the railing of the deck and tossed the snakes into the yard.

Jimmy was playing outside now. The girl called him over, so they could leave. He climbed up to the deck and towards the back door. I realize he’s playing with a handful of baby snakes and stop him from going in the house. In response he drops them on the door mat and continues inside. The little snakes are slithering in all directions. I’m frantically trying to keep them from making it inside. I grab the tips of their tails and fling them back into the yard as fast as I can. In my panic, I woke up.


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